Though many have drawn up double funnel models, a few days back whilst talking with Dan Brown (aka Kanban Dan) about constraints and Kanban, we modified his double funnel diagram by adding in a vice with the initial applying forces of Command & Control and as these forces are applied the blame force grows exponentially. So what does this...
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Recently I had an amusing conversation about everything Scrum transformation (early hours of the morning due to timezone differences). The person driving the conversation was keen to understand how to create a high performing software engineering team without leveraging on TDD, BDD, Pair programming or using any XP practices. To be clear, so that there can...
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How often have you worked in an organisation that uses either 3rd parties or in-house development exclusively or a company that has tried (and often failed) to embrace the best of both worlds only to become unstuck as an us vs them mentality sets in? How often have you heard; Out sourcing this piece of...
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