Agile test curve

This post is an update to my original post Testing Curve. I’ve had a few emails asking for a more detailed graphic and some advise on avoiding the unhealthy test curve.

Don’t allow test debt to build up in your Sprints. Start testing as early as possible. Tips on how to avoid the unhealthy test tidal wave;

As a Team
  • Have smaller size stories in your Sprint backlog. Never, ever play an Epic.
  • Use BDD to capture all test scenarios, this will help the tester test the right area’s as well as the edge cases.
  • Automate as much of your testing as possible, reduce the testers manual efforts.
As a Developer
  • Manage your WIP; complete a story before working on another so that you release a story for testing sooner rather than later.
  • Minimise bounce back in Sprint. Run unit tests to ensure that the testers are testing on test ready code.
As a Tester
  • Prepare your test environments at the beginning
  • Look at the team task board to see what is going to be ready next for testing and make sure all test cases are in place.
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